Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard for Mac, 20" Link Cable

  115.00 USD

Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard for MAC with 20" Separation
- Ultra thin design is dramatically thinner than the original Freestyle
- Narrow foot print for comfortable mousing and keying
- Up to 20" of complete separation of both left and right keying modules
- Quiet, low-force, tactile key switches (rated at 45 grams)
- Double wide Delete and Escape keys
- Embedded 10-key
- Driverless hot keys for commonly used mouse actions: (Cut, Copy,
Paste, Page Fwd, Page Bk, & Home)
- Angle from front to back: 0°, Effectively creates nominal negative
- Top row driverless Hot Keys (Esc/force quit, Brightness, Expose,
Dashboard, Play Audio, Volume, Dock, Eject & Off/Sleep)
- Adjusts for both shoulder width, arm and wrist angle
- Both modules can be attached with the included Pivot Tether Pin while
still allowing up to 30° of splay, Unlimited splay achieved with Pivot
Tether detached
- 2-port USB 2.0 hub
Dimensions: 15.375"W x 7.125"D x .875"H (measured from surface to top of
USB: Mac
Color: Black

Product: KB800HMB-US-20
Keyboard Style: Split
Integrated Features: Adjustable Split
Numeric Keypad-Embedded
Connection Type: USB
Operating System: Mac